Sunday, October 21, 2007

Package Factory for U3

U3 technology is a pretty cool. You can carry your apps in a USB flash drive wherever you go. The number of apps is pretty large. If your drive says that is U3 enabled, then you already have some apps preloaded. Some of the more common are Firefox, Thunderbird, Avast Antivirus, etc. There are quite bit of free ones and there is even more available for just a little bit of money. But did you know you can add your own apps?

I did not know that until my assistant Kalen told me about it. It is called Package Factory. With it you can take some of your favorite utilities and convert them to U3 format. Then install them on your U3. Pretty cool.

The whole thing works this way: You add the executable to the executable window, and then you create U3 package. Now, you can also add dll, hlp, ini and other files. You just have to use the advanced mode. Not all programs will work. That is, programs that use the Windows Registry intensively will not work. Yet, I have had only one program not work. Most of the programs I added were utilities, small programs I use for special purposes. Bigger programs that you might want to use, you might have to get already packaged up like Open Office.

Here are the screen shots in the process of creating a U3 package:
You can start out in Wizard mode. For example if your Program consist only of one executable, like say cmd.exe, then this would suffice. Just drag and drop to the EXE and then click on create.
If you click on advanced mode you will get the following screen. Notice the GUID numbers. This will correspond to the folder it will create in the U3 System\Apps Folder. Just in case you have to manually do something with it.

The Host Screen shows you the Executable you just added. Here if the program comes with other files, you can add them here. If there are Sub folders you can add the whole sub folders here. This is what I had to do to get Clam Win to work.In the Data Window you add any INI, or PREF or other files.

The Device folder is for HLP or CHM files.
Now you can select Create a U3P File in the Summary Window

Once you do that you save the file to whatever location on your computer you want. I created a U3Package Folder on my desktop. Then start your U3 Start Menu and select Add Program, then Install from my Computer.
Select the .u3p install file you just created

Just walk through the wizard.

And there it is one of your programs. Pretty cool

I did have to play with it a little at first to get more complicated programs as ClamWin to work, but in all cases but one they all have worked. If you read the details in the screens, for example in the Host Window it says no U3 awareness is required for programs/files added to that window. So you could say that is why a plain old stand alone exe will always work. In the other Windows it says files have to be U3 aware, but I don't know what that exactly means because most of the programs I added were not necessarily developed for U3. It stands to reason, that if the program is not making much use of the registry, and that if all the files that it needs to run are accessible, this means that if it needs another helper file, it will be in a sub folder of the root where the main executable is, or it just knows the path from its location - It should work!

Here is a list of programs that I got to work on my SanDisk Cruzer U3 USB Stick, this is not inclusive, because I have many others that I have found already packaged. I tried to find the links for you, but some I just had and cant remember where I got them. Also, if you use your imagination you can do many more. Some you can use from the Portable Apps Installs, others, from Bart PE Plugins, and others you just start from scratch. Here are some of the more notables that I did:
Ghost Explorer
Ghost32 - Licensed
Good Synch - There is a free version too
HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool
ClamWin Portable - from portable apps.

Nero CD - DVD Speed
Pasword Corral
Screen Hunter
Subnet Calculator
Sysinternal TCP View
System Explorer
Trivial FTP Daemon 32
Wake-on-Lan Gui
Xnote Stop Watch

If you find this useful, please drop me a comment. Maybe you found some other cool programs to make work that I didn't.



Anonymous said...

I put Slingplayer on my cruzer.
Now I can Watch TV or Video on any computer.

Anonymous said...


I spent all of this morning trying to figure out how to put non-U3 programs on my USB, and I found the PackageFactory after a very very long time...then of course, i was so frustrated that I couldn't think clearly enough to figure out why my clam win wouldn't work...

so glad you have pictures and stuff!

it made everything clear enough for my fried brain...


u3apps said...

i converte package factory to my u3 drive


Anonymous said...

hi friend pls tell clearly with diagram how to convert exe to u3p by example(ie. flv to avi). thanking you

Delco said...

I don't think you can do that, i.e., flv to avi. Package factory uses whatever files your program has, and creates a package you can run from a U3 device - that is all. It is a not a file conversion program. So your flv, which is flash, and you want to convert to avi format you will have to do with something else.

Joseph said...

Cn ou use package factory to convert install programs so that they will run on your U3 flash drive and install on you U3 flash drives?

Delco said...


If you mean convert install programs that install programs and turn them into U3, the answer is no, but if a program does not rely heavily on the registry then it should work.

Anonymous said...

i was trying to put lime wire on my flash drive with that program,

what file exactly do you drag i tried draging the file from my all programs list and it worked but when i opened it it says

"limewire was unable to load.
please download and install lime wire again"

did i do something wrong or will lime wire not work on u3

also would an older version of lime wire be more likely to work

please please e-mail me at

Delco said...


Getting it to work is a trick sometimes. The main thing I found out is that if the program does not make heavy use of the Windows systems, dll, registry, but rather keeps all files locally to itself, it will usually work just fine, others not so much. I am not familiar with Limewire setup because I do not use it. This is not to say that it will not work, but rather, you are going to need to play with it a bit. Generally the file you drag over is the executable. Then the other files you drag into the other areas where it says to.

I have gotten away from using the packager and found other utilities that do the same thing so it has been a while.

Also, I looked, and the program has not been updated since 2008 which tells me it is probably dead.

I will see if I can post another with more updated methods.

Thanks for reading the blod, and if you get it to work, let me know.

I usually don't email people directly.



geekgrrl said...

I found your Techbytes instructions and screenshots, solving my problem.

I had just got Package Factory for U3, making me like the U3 again after a long absence, because I have my own favorite software: Filezilla, Edit Pad Pro, FoxIt, and now, Raxco PerfectSpeed.

Now, I can see if I can get Raxco PerfectSpeed on the U3.

This Package Factory for U3 and you mentioned has renewed my interest in having portable favorite software.

I think I will also try to run iFunBox, which depends on AppleMobileDeviceService.exe and should be interesting because iFunBox is a standalone software running off its own .exe otherwise.

If not, maybe Cyder could be portable?

I have an EeePC 900 I love for the SSD, and small and lightweight carrying case.

However, it really needs my favorite software running on a SD card or a USB. iTunes 8.2 on a fast SD?

I am excited about more small and lightweight 'puter ideas, again.

Thank you, for the instructions and screenshots, and for mentioning as well.

Slingplayer, huh?