Saturday, December 29, 2007

Open Letter to all my Friends who use Vista

An Open Letter to all my friends who use Vista

OK, I have been known to often criticize Microsoft, and I think some believe that I am just complaining - but is that true? Am I just complaining for complaining sake? If so, why are there so many more Technologist out there criticizing Microsoft's latest OS, I think rightfully so? If we thought that any of Microsoft's other products were bloated pieces of code, this has to take the cake! I mean, somebody please respond to this and tell me what in the world does Vista do for me - that I would have to fork over so much money for it? Oh, yeah, that cool interface - yeah right, on my only PC that I have it running on, I have had to disable every single piece of eye candy to make it functionally. I mean I basically have it down to XP bare bones! Oh, probably Direct X for the future games, yet at work is this an issue?

Not only do you have to have go spend a ton of cash just to get a machine that runs it comfortably, but even then it runs poorly. Also you basically have to disable all the security baggage so you don't get so frustrated you end up formatting the hard drive and re-installing XP! Look, I have a duo core Intel with SATA drives, a fairly good ATI card with Ready Boost going, and all the hot fixes, patches, etc. I also have the Hard Drive properly optimized along with the page file and a bunch of other tweaks but still I have problems. Not as many as I had before, but still some. Now I can Remote Desktop to it, where before it was dog slow. My screens pop up nicely and seem to run crisp now, but look at all the work I had to do to get there. There is no way I can put this on users' desktop, no way! And that is not even dealing with all the software and hardware incompatibilities.

I might be on a limb here by saying that this one smells of Windows ME - yeah remember ME? - No? - Well if you don't there is a good reason why you don't. I might be all wet because Service Pack 1 might fix a lot of these problems, but if it does, then nothing has much changed and my old saying of: "Wait to the first or second service pack before installing at work" is still going to hold up as true.

Now I have a lot of friends that defend Vista and it's closest cousin Microsoft Office 2007 (I am not going to go there), but I find it curiously that the ones who are the most vocal all have some monetary ties to the Software Giant - hey, I do too, I give them my money! That is a tie is it not? Does that buy me a little slack? No, my friends, you might make your money because of Microsoft, but a lot of it is spent trying to make their crap work right. I took some negative comments in a previous post: "An Open Letter to Linux"; but Linux guys come on, do something, this is what I meant by: "you have an open window here". Apple is trying, and to be sure that if you just compare them to Vista they are tied as far as installations, so that is probably a win for them.

OK, let me enumerate my beefs with Vista:

1. I think Microsoft is jealous of Linux and is trying to match their endless number of distributions. How many $@$%^ versions of this OS do we need? Can you name just 3? How about all of them?

2. Problems with Printer drivers. Yeah, yeah, it was the OEMs who farted this one away right?

3. You have to spend so much money on hardware, that Intel's stock will soar.

4. Problems transferring large files over the network and over USB - yes I did all the dog and pony tricks and still have problems.

The Jan 2008 Edition of Maximum PC had 23 Vista Tweaks of which I certainly have done or will do most, but here are just 5:

1. Turn of the UAC - User Account Control
2. Run Vista Command Line as Admin
4. Fix the Vista Networking so you can actually use it on the network
5. Put on every hot fix you can
6. Use a disk defrag that actually works besides the built in one

Or, just downgrade to Windows XP.

OK - so make your list of positives for me and comment on this article. I want to present both sides. Be nice, I am trying to get a good discussion.


(an XP die hard, closet Linux user, and Apple wannabe)