Saturday, June 27, 2009

30 Steps to install PHP 5.x.x on Windows Server 2003 SP2 with IIS 6

OK, so you tried installing PHP and it did not go well. Here are the steps I used.

When using the installer, I believe there is a universal agreement that though it might work, that

too many things can go wrong. Ok, here we go:

  1. Install Server 2003/SP2 and IIS 6 on your server

  2. Got to, upper part of page, download php 5.2.10

  3. Make sure you download the Win Bin Zip Package

  4. Create a folder for php, like c:\php5

  5. Open the Zip File

  6. Copy all the files to the folder you just created - c:\php5

  7. Go to the Windows directory

  8. Copy php.ini.recommended to the Windows Directory

  9. Rename the file to just php.ini in the Windows Directory

  10. Got to system32 Directory under the Windows Directory and copy php5ts.dll to it from the c:\php5 folder

  11. Go to IIS

  12. Right click Web sites, and select Properties

  13. Select the HOME tab

  14. Select Configuration

  15. Add button, then browse to c:php5

  16. Select php5isapi.dll

  17. Add the extension .php

  18. Ok, Ok

  19. Select Document Tab

  20. Add index.php

  21. Select the Web Services Folder

  22. Right Click on it

  23. Select Add new Extension

  24. Add PHP

  25. Add phpisapi.dll

  26. Check the "set allow extension"

  27. Go to the root of your web site, like inetpub\webroot\ Create an index.php with Notepad

    and add:




  28. Save

  29. In browser go to url http://localhost

  30. PHP Info should pop up

Giving due credit where credit is due, there is a great How to video on the above steps at: Video Tutorial

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