Friday, July 24, 2009

Useful Links that I used for VMWARE Installs

At the time of posting, all the links were active and working, but I make no promises. If the break, I will try to repost with my own instructions. Again, no promises ;=)

1. When trying to install Windows XP, you will get error that there is no disk. you need the the LSI driver. Here is the how to: Getting the LSI driver to work

2. ESXi, how do you SSH over to it, see this link, and this link.

3. How do you expand a VMWare Virtual disk. Quite useful if your disk is getting full. One thing I have done before, is to add a second virtual disk, boot with Bart's PE, and ghost one disk to another. Then I shut down the machine and switch the SCSI drive information in the properties of the VM Machine (careful with the SCSI numbers). I remove the original (but I don't delete it just in case, and I also make a copy of the whole thing and you can snapshot the whole thing also just to be sure). Then I boot into the new bigger drive. That has worked for me in the past. Here is a way to EXPAND IT without having to Clone it.

4. What files make a virtual machine? See this link.

5. How VMWARE creates Disk Files - follow this link.


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