Monday, August 3, 2009

Enable SSH on VMWare ESXi

How do you enable SSH on ESXi so you can Putty over to it using SSH?

1. At the actual server (you need keyboard and monitor of course). Alt + F1

2. You will see black screen: Type: unsupported {ENTER} [Now you will not see anything being typed on the screen!] --- Also, one occasion, I must of messed up, because I had to reboot before this would work --- no idea why, but it should work the first time for you.

3. Now, put in the "root" username.

4. Put in "root's" password.

5. Here comes the scary part for us Window users - You have to use Vi!

6. Type vi /etc/inetd.conf --- This should open the inetd.conf file. Note: "#" means a line that is commented out.

7. Using arrow keys, find the line that starts has #ssh

8. Remove the "#" by putting cursor on it and pressing "x" key.

9. Hit the ESC key to allow you to be vi command mode.

10. Type :wq to save and exit.

11. Type ps | grep inetd

12 Look at the process ID. This is like going to Task Manager in Windows.

13. Type kill -HUP [Remember Linux is case sensitive]. This is like ending a task in Window's Task Manager.

14. Go back to Putty and now you should be able to SSH over to it.


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