Thursday, August 6, 2009

Installing VMWare tools in Ubuntu 8.x

Ok, for Window Geeks, this is a situation when Techbytes. Let's face it, a whole lot of Windows guys can't even use the Command line well. That is because we have become so groomed on the GUI, we forget that we also need to get under the hood once in a while. This is no more clear to me teaching tech classes. Hardly anybody in the class knew how to use the command line.

Ok, also the Internet is great for help, but Linux gurus forget that some Linux commands are foreign to Window geeks. This is no more frustrating than when we want to install the VMWare tools in Ubuntu. I love this distro; but I always forget how to get the tools installed. In Windows it is pretty much a cinch. It is easy in Linux Ubuntu also, as long as you know the steps.

1. Start Ubuntu, go to the Applications Menu, Accessories, and start Terminal
2. Type this command: sudo apt-get install build-essential
3. Enter uname -r It will return a string like 2.6.27-14-generic
4. Enter sudo apt-get install linux-headers-
5. After it finished installing, got to the VM Menu, and Install/VMWare tools
6. This will mount the CD Drive you will see it on your desktop. Open it and Extract the vmwaretools-x.x.x-xxx.tar.gz to your desktop
7. Go back to the terminal, and change to your desktop cd Desktop
8. Change to the vmware-tools-distrib folder: cd vmware-tools-distrib
9. Run sudo ./ Hit the ENTER key to take all defaults. Don't change anything.

That is it.


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Delco said...

One post comment, sudo is like when Windows XP/Vista UAC asks you for your administrator password so you can install something, so every time you type sudo and then the command, it will ask you for your password.

Also, accepting defaults is just hitting Enter.

Extract using the default application. When extracting, just point to your Desktop.

Changing to Desktop, make sure you make it Capital D, since Linux is case senstive.