Friday, October 2, 2009

They were once lost, but now they are found!

If you are multi-usb-thumbdrive carrier, or maybe you just carry one, then you are always afraid you might lose them. You might or might not have sensitive data on them, or even if it is not sensitive, you might have a lot of hours and/or information and programs that you have saved on them.

Recently I lost both mine! I lost them at different times and at different places. I knew when I lost the second one, and when I turned back to get it, it was gone! It was then that I noticed that my other one was missing. I usually carry them with my numerous keys on one of those Caribiners.

Well, I thought that is that. I will never see them again. But low and behold, two days later, the one I knew I lost finds its way into my mailbox at work. Then, a week later, I get an email from someone who someone else found my usb thumb drive in a parking lot 30 miles from where I thought I lost it, but I was at that location, so I must of lost it and never knew. The person knew me and my name is the name assigned to that thumb drive.

What a renuinion! What are the odds? Man I will never lose them again. I never in my life have lost any drives of any kind.

The one good thing was that I did not keep too much data that was sensitive on them. I had taken care of getting any thing that could damage my personal information off of it.

But this is a lesson to all of us: guard and protect your data on these things by encryption. Never put your soul on them if you can help it; and better yet, get one of those usb drives that are mission impossible self-destructing types: Iron Key, or Kingston.

Thank you honest people. You have redeemed mankind a little bit from the power of darkness that has us in it's grip.


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Delco said...

A comment to my own post. Another thing I did on my flash drives is to edit an autorun.inf, and point it to a picture (an icon picture of myself), so it shows up in the "my computer". This further helps identify me as the owner for any honest would be finder. Of course, if the person is just going to keep it, none of this will help. But oh, well. I found that there are honest people that will return my lost usb drives!