Thursday, October 22, 2009

Windows 7 official birth is today!

Sort of like waiting for a new baby to come along, Windows 7 releases today. I don't think the hoopla has been as big in the media as it was with Vista, and I might be mistaken on that point. It just seems like it. Most of the press on it has been good from all sides.

I am happy to say that all my testing so far has been mostly positive. Running on my laptop now for three days without any visible problems or glitches. I have not installed or tried to install any of Lenovo software. I will go to their site and see what kind of updates they have, but I have no plans to put on much of the Thinkvantage stuff. I do miss my Fn utility and will consider that.

One of the positive things I noticed is that my battery life seems to be better now. I can go almost a full 2 hours on this T61 with the extended battery. This is pretty huge for me, because it never seems like I went more than one hour and a half before.

It also boots faster, but again I don't have all the Thinkvantage stuff running and have not yet polluted the sys tray with a lot of garbage. I also have 4 gigs or RAM vs. the 2 gigs I had in Vista, although I did run Vista with 4 gigs towards the end; but don't think it really was much of a boost, a little but not a lot.

Well, I will update if any big things happen, but right now I want to close with the two of the things I like about Windows 7:

1. Document Libraries
2. Bitlocker to go

Oh, and the themes - I figured out how to add the themes for other countries that are not visible Australia, Canada, South Africa, and the UK form How to Geeks. Seems like a minor thing, but I like the feel of it. This is even though I created my own theme for my "family" which includes family pictures for the wallpaper that cycle every 30 minutes. Pretty cool.


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