Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hack to install HP MFP printer in Virtual Windows Xp on ESXi

Here is how you can "byte" back on this one:

Set up a virtual Windows XP in my ESXi server. My goal: set up an XP machine with software that I am sick and tired of re-installing every time I switch machines, and that I have to have, like: Finance software, Some Family tree software and the like. I need this software, but is is a pain re-installing it all the time. So I created a virtual machine to use only for the times I use this software.

Here is the catch - one of my main printers is an HP C7180 Color, Scanner, Fax, and Microwave Printer. Uh, just kidding on the microwave, but ok. When I go to install it, the software from HP, and I was only doing the minimal, not the huge 500mb package, tells me that I don't have a USB capable machine and shuts down the install. Yep, USB is not really supported in ESXi so what to do?

The printer is a wireless printer along with being a USB device, but I still could not install it as an IP printer because the software demands to see a USB capable machine. Since the printer is connected to my other PC, I connected to it as a shared printer, which in turn installed the software. I created an IP port, and then changed the port from the share to the IP. Seems to have worked.


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