Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Part 1 Expanding a non System Virtual Disk

Expanding the size of a non sytem Virtual Disk is fairly straight forward.

I am using VMWare ESX/ESXi. The Windows OS is Windows 2003.

Also, when you increase the size of the disk, you can see the added space as unallocated space.
You can view that in Disk Manager.

1. Without having to shut down the machine go to the Virtual Machine Properties.
2. Select the hardware tab.
3. In the properties of the disk you want to expand, increase to desired size.
4. In Windows, at the command line run "diskpart".
5. Select the proper volume "sel vol {vol number}
6. Run command "extend".
7. Run command "exit".
8. In Disk Manager, check the size of the disk.

Here are some Screen Shots of the process. Click on an image to see larger version.

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