Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Part 2 Expanding a system Virtual Disk

As in part one, I am using the same system.

I am assuming knowledge of setting machine to boot from ISO Image.
You also need GPARTED ISO image. You need to boot from this.

The difference in increasing the size of a system disk vs. a non-system disk is this:
You have to shut the machine down. This requires down time so plan accordingly.
Also, once you increase the size in the properties, and you click OK, you cannot change it.

1. Shut machine down.
2. Select the hardware tab.
3. In the properties of the disk you want to expand, increase to desired size.
4. You now boot from Gparted ISO.
5. Once in Gparted, Increase the disk size.
6. Boot back into Windows (Windows detects changes, and wants to reboot)
7. After reboot, you now have a larger system disk.

In the following screen shots. The size of the disk is increased, and we boot into Windows to show that the size has increased, but when you go to run "diskpart" as in part 1, and then "extend", it fails. So even though we can increase the size, we cannot "extend".

The following screen shots show the Gparted process. Click on a picture to see larger size.

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