Tuesday, December 15, 2009

VMware Tools installation cannot be started manually while Easy Install is in progress.

I created a Virtual Machine using VMWare's Workstation version 7. I did not install the tools right away, and I think that because of a hurry I really did not pay attention during the install, so I think I installed it using the simple mode, maybe not. Not that is bad doing it that way, but I never usually do it that way.

Whatever happened, later, when I went to install the tools, I got this message:
"VMware Tools installation cannot be started manually while Easy Install is in progress."

Now, I did not have time to do extensive research. One web site said something about the floppy drive config. I did find something referring to simple mode floppy, but removing it from the config file did not help.

Here is the quick simple way I fixed it: Delete the *.vmx config file. Then create a new machine but point it to the same folder. You will get a "warning" about creating a machine in the same folder as an existing machine, but no worry. Just make sure you use an "existing disk", and point it to the original.

This fixed it for me and it only took me a few minutes.



peskykid said...


albal21 said...

Just change the floppy image in use - simples!

Delco said...

I believe I looked at the floppy image thing. I took it out of the vmx file, although now I cannot remember for sure it was attached in the properties of the vm machine. I think not but cannot say for sure. If it happens again, I will look for sure.



G-El said...

I had the same problem, i figured the reason for this is that i disconnected the floppy disk image before the install, apparently that's where the easy install image gets triggered from. So after installation, and with the floppy disk disconnected though pointing to the image, vmware tools were not installed, what i did was let the floppy disk point to an actual device (although it does not exist) and when the machine started it prompted to remove the device and all worked normally.
Hope this will help anyone :)

Anonymous said...

@G-El: You're fantastic. That exactly solved my problem. Connect the floppy and from My Computer navigate to A: and run the exe file. VMWare tools will begin to install in a few seconds.

Thank you all!

Anonymous said...


I had the same problem, This is my solution - Go to VM menu-> Settings ->Options -> Tools -> Mark Update automatically at next power on

Next Disconect floppy drive or if you have a Laptop select the Use Physical drive (You get the error message, but don't worry) then install the VMTools

Edukondalu said...

I had a same problem. This is a perfect solution.

I have modified Floppy settings to "Use Physical Drive", it was selected as "Use floppy image file".
After modifying this settings I selected to install VMWare Tools.. It is started seemlessly..

Thanks for the Blog..

adrshen said...

All you need just to turn you floppy to Auto detect and it will solve the problem.

swati said...

i had a same issue and I have modified Floppy settings to "Use Physical Drive", it was selected as "Use floppy image file".

and then install the vmware tools easily :)

Shay said...

I Explored The Floppy Drive On The VM (On My Drive A, There An Image Mapped Automatically By Easy Install), Then Copied All Files Into %TEMP% Dir, Then Executed The Batch File: unattend.bat With Admin Privileges.
It Will Start The VMWare Tools Installation And Then Reboot The Station

Anonymous said...

Sorry but it's more easy, just edit the vmx file with notepad and change the config "EasyInstall" to FALSE.

Just that


Anonymous said...

Best Blog I have read in a long time. Solved my issue in seconds!!!

Thanks folks


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the solution to yet another extremely annoying VMWare problem. This one was actually the well known "limit" that made us look for another Virtual solution. VMWare is clearly not ready to meet the world... or maybe it's just us not ready for VMware. :-D Anyhow, it has buggy crap written all over it, must be related to Microsoft.

Anonymous said...

1) Verify that have the virtual CD/driver, client select

2) Select Install de VMTool under the Guest System tab.

3)Login to the VM

4)Goto my computer

5) Click on CD and install

6) End.

Anonymous said...

Hm...And i just changed floppy settings for "Use drive A:"

Santamaria said...

i just eliminate the disquete from the settings of my virtual machine when the machine is power off, and that was everything... :)

thats works to me..

Anish Ved said...

Thanks Mate... Worked for me :)