Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Windows 7 Update

I have now been running Windows 7 since the first Beta Release with mostly good results. Here is an interesting situation regarding the Aero interface. I had RC2 running on an AMD with less than a gig and a no-name video card (I can't remember the chipset off the top of my head right now). The Aero interface worked on this PC. When I installed a Released version on another PC and moved the Video card over, I cannot get Aero to run. This is a much better PC with 4 gigs or RAM and a 3ghz processor, only the Video card is the same as the old. It is an AGP because that is the interface I have on both. I do plan on upgrading the Video Card, but I thought it was funny that it works on one and not the other. Only difference is that when it did work, the video card was in at the point of install, but on the second I put it in afterward. I will investigate and report back later. Maybe I missed something.


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