Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snagit Screen Capture Software, and more

It was circa 1992/1993 and I was in my C++ class. In my previous programing classes the output was always to the stdout (the monitor). That meant that any result from my assignments were easy to hand in to the instructor. I just printed to the printer by directing to to a file ">>" or print screen.

When we got into c++ though it was harder because I needed a good screen capture program. The program I found was Snagit which improved significantly the screen capture of Windows (Remember we are talking Windows 3.x).

When I went into my first IT job, I introduced Snagit to the company to make capturing screens for certain applications easy for users.

Later as Snagit improved, I continued to use it to help me create instructional material, or to communicate better with end users or help desks.

Now Snagit is a premiere screen capture program with full suite of editing features. And to the testimony of the return of the Mac(s) as real contenders for user's desktop, Snagit introduces Snagit for the Mac. Now if only they add a version for Linux we will be completely happy. In that way I would have my favorite screen capture program on all three systems since I work on all three.


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