Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Replacing my Windows 7 Laptop with Ubuntu 9.10

I read an article a couple of years ago on Maximum PC where the editor decided he was going to switch from his Windows machine to a Mac for a period of 3 months (could of been different time), and force himself to learn the Mac. I have been using Ubuntu off/on since their version 6, but not as my main OS. After converting from Vista to Windows 7 early on -- I was running Windows 7 since beta all the way through the release last year, I was real happy. Windows 7 is a great improvement over Vista, and in my opinion an XP killer.

So why would I want to choose to change? Well, I kept looking at the things Ubuntu can do. I believed that it has become an Operating System that a normal user can use. Not a computer guy like me that can struggle and figure out weird computer things, but a normal type of "I just want to use the darn thing" type of user.

And, I also did want to be just a user. I actually need to do real work other than install, configure and trouble shoot my own laptop. In the past, I spent more time trying to get Linux to work, than actually doing any other work. With Ubuntu, there is a great productivity right out of the box. You really just install it and use it.

Now, don't let me kid you, because after just using it, I started to change it and see what makes it all tick. I also get great Linux experience, without having to go it alone. Ubuntu help on the Internet is great! Try searching for help on Red Hat vs. Ubuntu.

So I am going to write short blogs, each stating one thing I have done on my Ubuntu laptop to configure it the way I like it. Maybe by doing that, someone else will find it easier to do theirs.

I also would welcome any ideas or suggestions.


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