Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ubuntu Log - Entry 1

Well, like I said, I have had to move to a more "Linux" world. Not totally, I still have my Windows world to maintain, but now I have to also work with Linux. Because of this, I needed to run Ubuntu on my Hard Drive, not just in a Virtual Machine as I had before.

Now not wanting to just blow away my Windows 7 installation. I first decided to use a fresh hard drive. So I kept my Ubuntu install in, and then switched to my Windows 7 when I needed to run Windows.

This worked OK for a couple of months, but I found it annoying. So for the first time in a long long time I went to a dual boot. Now I have not needed to dual boot for a long time since Virtual Machines are so easy to set up, but I need to run native both Operating Systems.

Why? I need Ubuntu on the hardware because I need to test it on the hardware. I need to see how it works in all situations running on the hardware. I have to switch to Windows because there are still applications that only run on Windows. For one my book keeping software, and I found that you can't beat Windows 7 for projectors. I had some problems with Ubuntu in that area.

Ok, I had a lot of work into the configurations of both my Windows and Ubuntu. So my idea was to take a fresh hard drive and image the Windows drive into one partition, and then take the image of the Ubuntu and put it in the remaining partition. For this job I used Terabyte imaging software for DOS. DOS is deceiving, it works on all Windows and Linux, they call it that for some odd reason. Then they had another product called "Boot Ng" that becomes your boot manager. It works great, but I could not get it to boot the Linux partition after I put it on there. The fault was me, I could not understand how to make it work that way.

So, for now I conceded and I will go back and figure it out later. I left the Windows partition on, cleaned out the Linux partition and installed Ubuntu fresh on that partition. From past experience it is always better on a dual boot between Windows and Linux to put Windows on first. Linux is a lot smarter with disks that Windows.

After putting Linux on, the dual boot worked perfectly. Next Personalizing Ubuntu.


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