Monday, April 12, 2010

Ubuntu Log - Entry 2


The first I found out is that I could quit trying to install programs the old Linux way I had learned, that is, always from the command line. First look at the Synaptic Package Manager. If you need to install an old favorite Windows Program, you would be surprised how many have Linux versions. For example VLC. I have been using VLC for a long time, well is part of the Ubuntu packages.

Instead of creating on Log entry for each program, I am going to describe how to do the Package Manager, then list the programs that I found that I wanted already in there.

1. From the Ubuntu interface, select System, then Administration, and Synaptic Manager.
2. For VLC, just type vlc in the "quick search" and select vlc. You will notice that other items get selected automatically. The Package manager automatically knows what the dependencies are needed and installs them for you.

Other Programs I used in Windows that I found automatically in Package Manager:

1. Thunderbird
2. Putty
3. Sunbird

Also, this also means other programs that may not be Windows but that you had to install manually in the past. Look at Package Manager first before you try anything else. It will save you a lot of work.


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