Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ubuntu Log - Entry 3

The next thing I tackled was the wireless networking on my Laptop. Ever since version 8, I do not think I have had many issues with the Wireless Networking in Ubuntu. Basically these are the steps to add a WPA Wireless Network:

1. Right Click Networking top right.
2. Edit Connections.
3. Wireless/Add.
4. Connection name: Give it any name you want, I just use the same as SSID.
5. SSID: SSID name.
6. Wireless Security.
a. Security: Wpa & Wpa2 personal
b. Password: xxxxxxx
c. Available to all users: I did yes (check box)
7. Apply.
8. Enter password (sudo password)
9. Authenticate.
10. Close.

Now if you are going to add a "hidden" network, left click on the Networking Icon, and choose "Add Hidden Wireless Network". Then follow the steps. I made the mistake, of doing the "Edit" then add, and even though I put in right information, it did not work; but if you choose the "Add Hidden Wireless Network", it seems to work great.

One thing I found is, that on the hidden Wireless Network that I connect to quite often, sometimes I have to fiddle with the on/off wireless button or the enable or disable network for it to connect. It will always connect, but sometimes it seems like I have to do that.

Other than that, the wireless on the Ubuntu 9.10 works pretty good. I might say again, that I am running on an IBM Thinkpad T61.


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