Friday, April 23, 2010

Ubuntu Log - Entry 4

In order for using 3-D Graphics I had to do a little work.

1. Select the System menu/Administration/Hardware Drivers/Scan.
2. My Laptop is a Thinkpad T61, so it showed two choices of NVIDIA drivers. I chose the recommended one - NVIDIA 185 (Recommended). And selected "Activate".
3. It goes to download the driver, but you have to enter your password.
4. Open a Terminal Window, and type: nvidia-xconfig, enter.
5. You need to re-start xserver, so either sudo startx from terminal, or restart which will work.

Next I wanted to activate 3-D effects and activate the Cube.
1. Go to the System/Administration menu.
2. Select the Packet Manager
3. In Package Manager, install "compizconfig-settings-manager".
4. After that is installed, go to the System Menu/Preference
5. Select the compizconfig-settings Manager
6. In the effects, select 3DWindows/Enable Desktop Cube
7. Disable Desktop Wall because it is redundant with the Desktop Cube.
8. Restart again.
9. After that, go to the System Menu/Preference
10. Select the compizconfig-settings Manager
11. Select Desktop/Rotate Cube
12. Now in bottom right corner, you should be able to rotate the desktops. I like to have 4, but how ever many you like.


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