Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ubuntu Log - Entry 5

Over two months now on Ubuntu, I think closer to three and everything is going well. I like the OS. One of the things I have looked at is cross platform applications, or at least applications that have versions for all OSes.

One of the applications that I have fallen in love with is Dropbox. Dropbox right now is my favorite Cloud Computing app. It runs on Windows, Linux, Mac, and iPhone. As a matter of fact, I have it on every computer I own whether it is physical of virtual. The couple of PCs where I don't have it on at work, I can access my files on Dropbox through the Web Interface. I just love the ease and flexibility.

Installing on Uuntu:
Open an account with Dropbox. You get 2 gigs free.

1. Download the Linux version (get the Deb package).
2. Open it. It should open with by default with Package Manager. Run/install it.
3. Now go to the Applications Menu, and run the app. This actually installs the application.
4. You may need to log out log in.
5. Now everytime you log in, it will be running. It will be on the top right for Linux.

Here are other applications that have crossed over from my Windows to Ubuntu just fine:
1. Citrix client - Again download the Deb package. Super easy install with Package Manager.
2. Nero CD/DVD burner has a version for Linux (Deb package) runs great.
3. Avast Antivirus - not as good as Windows version; but it installs. Viruses are not as much an issue on Linux, so I am not as concerned.
4. Keepass - You know I love Roboform, but they in their infinite wisdom refuse to have a Linux version, so Keepass has become my cross platform Password app. In Ubuntu 9.l0 the easiest thing is to use the Package Manager, don't bother trying to download and install manually. Make sure you have all the Universe Repository turned on. I like to have all of them turned on.


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