Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ubuntu Log - Entry 7

I wanted to wrap up my log entries quick because since version 10.x is out, I want to move on. So I just want to close with some thoughts of what I think about Ubuntu, and how it compares with Windows 7 in my experience.

Over all I find Ubuntu a totally useful Operating System. I mean this from a usability standpoint. It is in my opinion ready for a Desktop, either at home or in the Corporate environment. The only thing that hinders it's adoption is probably in the area of Business Applications, and more specifically "Accounting". Quickbooks has refused to create a version of their OS to port to Linux environment. This is probably the biggest roadblock, but with Cloud computing continuing to increase in popularity, it might become a mute point hopefully.

There really was nothing I normally do in Windows that i was not able to do in Ubuntu. This does not mean that I tested everything thing in comparison, but basically everything I do. I am not a Gamer so I really can't compare that. I also do not do heavy Graphics and I am not a Music composer. I do some Photography and Videos and that seem work Ok for me on Ubuntu, and version 10 promises better in that area.

Really my major complaint in Ubuntu was with external Monitors and Projectors. I found that it was easier for me to boot into my Windows 7 partition if I had to do any kind of presentation or displaying my screen through a projector.

Since most of my work involves Computer, Network, and Virtualization, Ubuntu excelled in all those areas. Right now for example, Ubuntu plays a major role as a Print server, Firewall, Web Sever, Blog Server, etc. (Not Ubuntu, but Linux also does all the Network Authentication using IDM from Novell).

I think Linux is making good inroads, and Unbuntu especially in the Desktop area.


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