Monday, December 27, 2010

Evaluating Spiceworks

OK I am sorry! Why? Because 3 years ago I started using Spiceworks, then because of circumstances I got away from it in 2009. I have been away for a while now, but I came back to it in December of this year.

I have to say that I have been very pleased by it's features and the progress of the product. If you are not aware of Spiceworks, please visit their site and download it and install it. It is very easy to install.

The reason I got back into it is for a small opportunity I have to install it as a help desk for someone else. Of course this is only a part of Spiceworks, but it is a big part of it, and I think it is the biggest part.

Details I put in this blog entry, you can find on their communities page, and in their self-help videos, but I added my own touch or explanation. These are some demo videos I put together. Again, this is just a very small part of what Spiceworks is and it is only to whet your appetite to check them out.

I made these with "JING" (Another very cool, very free product). I made one mistake with these videos-They were made with my wide screen, and I had the audio not quite right. So hopefully you have a wide screen. If your audio is low, you could download the videos since they seem to play ok then, but others said they could hear them just fine. In the future I will have these right. Sorry, but did not have time this time to redo them all.

1 SpiceworksOverview_2010-12-12_1728

2 HelpDesk_1_2010-12-12_1806

3 HelpDesk_2_2010-12-12_1820

4 CreateTicket_1_ 2010-12-12_2231

5 CreateTicket_2_2010-12-12_2300

6 CreateTicket_3_2010-12-13_0717

7 Reports_2010-12-13_0819


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