Tuesday, January 4, 2011

DD-WRT Port Forwarding to wrong IP address


I had a port forward set up for a particular address. Now I had disabled the port forward months ago. I then created a new port forward for the same port, this case it was 443, but the machine that it hit was the old one. Not only that, even after I deleted all the rules for the old port forwards in addition to the 443 like port 80, still went to the old machine. The new one I added to port 3389 worked. This persisted like I said even though they were deleted and I even rebooted the router.

What I needed to do was set UPNP to clear port forwards on boot. Like a cache. I assume that if I would unplugged it and restarted it would of done the same thing, but it was not at my location.

See Screen shot below (click to see larger image)



Delco said...

Actually, as a follow up, I found that having UPNP turned on, allowed Windows Home server to set up it's own port forward that superseded the static port forward on the router. So after I cleared it and it worked, Windows Home server redirected that port that I wanted to go to a different server back to itself. I had to disable the Web access on Windows Home server and then the router port forwarded like it was told to. Another alternative of course is to disable the UPNP on the router itself.

sunil said...

thanks.....saved lots of time