Monday, January 3, 2011

Use Autodialer with Skype

Do you use Skype? Do you have to all a number and all you get is busy, busy, busy- Especially a toll free number?

You know you try to call the IRS or some other Government agency and what do you expect? You expect busy dial tone.

Try this, use Skype, go to the Tools, Extras and "Get Extras" search for Autodialer, or just for Moolight21, install it. You might get a prompt that a program is trying to use Skype. You have to say yes. Now it will sit in your service tray down by the clock.

Once installed, when you call the number, Moonlight will continually autodial until you either connect (Get human), or the number exceeds the times you told it to autodial.

You can configure how many times it tries and how many seconds between tries among other options.

Anyway, this was a cool free way to sit there and try to hit autodial on my land line phone, or struggle with my Blackberry.

Use at your own risk and responsibly :)



Delco said...

I wanted to add that if you go crazy with an auto dialer, Skype might flag your account and block it. So be careful.


Delco said...

.... also, to let all know that Skype did block me and it took 48 hours for them to unblock me LOL ...