Sunday, February 13, 2011


Well I got a Kindle. I got the one with the free 3G and not the DX model which is bigger and of course costs more money. I wanted the smaller one so I can take it with me easily.

What is there to Blog about the Kindle? You can pretty much read all kinds of user comments on the Kindle sites; but I wanted to just highlight some general thoughts and comments about it.

First of all, one of the questions I was asked before was: Why get a Kindle, why not just get an iPAD instead? The iPad has way more capabilities and you can also read books on it. I can't argue with that; but here is my opinion, and it is only my opinion:

The iPad seems to me to me more an ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) Device vs. the Kindle which seems to me more for the person who wants to concentrate more on reading. So far my observation of people using the iPad is that they are jumping from one thing to the other. This is a result of what I called the "multi-tasking" lie. Once upon a time, I used to be able to sit down and read very large volumes from start to finish. I also had a very good ability to concentrate on one task and take it from begining to end. Once I started doing tech support though, I found that I needed to jugle multiple tasks at once - hence the "multi-tasking" scenario. I hate to break this to you, but nobody can do better more than one thing, than if that person was doing one. So, I like the Kindle, because I want to concentrate and not be bothered while I am reading by email alerts, news updates, and a host of other apps begging for my attention.

Here are the things I like about the Kindle:

1. Ink technology is awesome (Way better than Nook).
2. Totally easy to set up, and that includes the Wireless - with the information and even the MAC address right there for you to find.
3. Even though you can transfer your own documents to it, the "convert" feature is totally over the top. I can take a Technical PDFs, and email it to Amazon's convert engine, and they send it to my Kindle in Kindle format keeping all intact. So now I can read it as a native Kindle document.
4. Free 3G --- really, free. It has Internet browser (although I don't recommend that for heavy surfing, just quick lookup or backup).
5. Battery life seems to be real good. I have only charged it once since I got it, and have not had to recharge-4 days now of pretty good use.
6. Annotations, highlights, and clippings all store-able and backed up by Amazon.
7. The ability to share and sync what I am reading across multiple devices. So I can start reading on my Kindle, pick it up later on my laptop at the page I left, then if I have it on my Smart-phone start reading again.

Those are just a quick few thoughts on the Kindle. I think that the other e Readers and tablets will continue to overlap each other, and things are going to mesh. But for right now the Kindle has all comers beat when it comes to the pleasure of "reading'.



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