Thursday, February 24, 2011

Walking in the mall observations and rants

Blue Screen of Death to all ....

OK, so if you have been doing technology for a while, and especially if you have been working with Microsoft Windows, you know what the BSOD is right? As I did my circumference wandering in one of our nation's famous locations (the mall), I noticed this:

Seems like somebody should reboot the advertising device, I would of, but I could not find anywhere I could enter Ctrl+Alt+Delete.

While I was thinking about blogging, I thought of not...I have also been thinking lately of canceling this blog. I mean, I get a fair amount of visitors. Not outrageous, but I average over 500 or so a week. Yet I hardly ever get much comments or anyone letting me know that they read or even comment positive or negative on what I write, so I am thinking it a waste of digital space ... maybe. Not sure. The other thing is that it get's spammed all the time. You never see it because it is moderated and I delete it all, but I am just getting tired of spammers. Gosh, can you guys get a life? Do you guys know that after over 15 years of doing this, I have never ever click on a spammer's link, or even remotely had a curiosity about what you are spamming me about. Who reads your BS anyway? If you read chain letters or spam emails, my opinion is that you got way too much time on your hands.



Kalen Arndt said...

I'm not sure if you can do this in blogger but you could try using Askimet or Disqus for your comments. I changed to that on my blog and it only emails me if the comments are real and it puts the spam in a trash bin.

Delco said...

Basically, all I had to do is enable the piece wher you have to type in the Word Pattern, and I have been able to eliminate %100 of my spam to the blog. Case solved.