Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Kindle after a Month of Using

It was about a month ago that my wife and son gave me a Kindle for my birthday. I have wanted one for a long time and certainly even before the iPad took the world by storm. I still opted for the Kindle because it suited me for what I wanted. Well after a month what do I think?

Well, for one, I like it. It does exactly what I wanted it to do with a few things I did not expect. It is not a Tablet. I already mentioned in a previous blog what I liked about it, but just like everything else there are some things that you could say for a lack of a better term, "I don't like".

Now I have the smaller version with the 3G.

One thing that is bothersome is often I hit the forward or backward button while I am reading. This is because the buttons are by design in a convenient place. Now, how can I complain if they are in a convenient place? Well, because I hold it in that spot. I had to train myself to move my hands either a little lower, well, actually my thumbs need to go more on the screen.

The same for the buttons that you use to move cursor. I sometimes hit the back or menu or cancel button.

The Highlighting and Bookmarks and Notes are great, but I do so much of it, that searching through them all so far has not been that useful. I think it will be more useful to copy them over to my computer and store them in my One Note application.

The last thing that is a small bummer is the fact that some of the tables and figures in a technical book I have been reading are quite often unreadable (blurry). I also find that I have to change the orientation quite a bit for tables, and then make the font smaller to get them to fit. This might is more of the fault of the book because I know the screen can show great detail in black and white.

Other than that, I do love my Kindle; but like any love affair, there are, how do you say, "some small spats".

Oh, by the way. This month's edition of Maximum PC declared the Kindle one of the Technical devices that are doomed to extinction because of the "tablet" revolution. Mark their words to see if it indeed comes true.


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