Thursday, March 17, 2011

Renaming a Windows 2008 Domain Controller

Windows Servers have come a long way. I started working with Windows Servers back in the day of Windows NT 3.x. Back then I would not even dare install it in production. My File and Print were Novell 3 and 4, and then 5 servers and it was not until Windows NT 4.0 that I put one in production. Ah, those were the days. I then had to migrate of the Novell Directory Services to the Microsoft "DOMAIN" - which was nothing more than a bind database.

I have grown up with Windows. I have been a harsh critic and a devout user of their products. Kind of a love hate relationship that developed over time. Today's Windows 8 server certainly makes some things a lot easier. Remember back when you could not rename your domain controller! Yeah, so if you started out with a test Domain Controller called FooFoo, and just because it actually became your production (yes this happened a lot), you were kind of stuck with it unless you installed a new one. Then did the demotion, rename, promotion dance. What a pain in @#%@#$!

Recently, I wanted to rename my two home domain controllers from some fun names that I had given them to a more traditional functional name. So my Batman and CaptainAmerica DCs needed to become HNDC1 and HNDC2 - I did this easily without any hiccup whatsoever.

Here are the steps I took:

  2. Run ADSI Edit.msc
  3. Find Computer (domain Controller), Right Click Properties, and look to see if this was added:

  4. repadmin /replicate captainamerica batman DC=homenet,DC=Local
  6. Successfully made HNDC2.HOMENET.LOCAL

    the primary name for the computer. The computer must be rebooted for this name

    change to take effect. Until then this computer may not be able to authenticate

    users and other computers, and may not be authenticated by other computers in

    the forest. The specified new name was removed from the list of alternate

    computer names. The primary computer name will be set to the specified new

    name after the reboot.

    The command completed successfully.

  7. Run ADSI Edit.msc again and look for the name to have changed:
  8. Reboot the computer
  10. Successfully removed BATMAN.HOMENET.LOCAL

    as an alternate name for the computer.

    The command completed successfully.

  12. Sync from HNDC2.HOMENET.LOCAL to CAPTAINAMERICA.HOMENET.LOCAL completed successfully.

    After I did Batman, I went and did CaptainAmerica. If you are interested in further reading, I found a real nice article at this location:


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