Thursday, May 5, 2011

Internet Explorer 9

I have installed Internet Explorer 9 now on almost all the machines I use and have been very satisfied with it. But stop, think: why?

Let me go back a few weeks in the story. As I was vacationing in one of our southern states, I met up with an individual who's career is helping others with their investments - A finance guy. In speaking with him about investments, I asked him: Why is Microsoft Stock stuck in the mid $20's? I mean, they are rich in cash, they have a pretty good cash flow, they have new products that seem pretty solid, and the Vista fiasco has gone the way of ME, AND, Companies are refreshing their technology. They should be booming! He had one simple answer: They are not innovative? Not like Apple, or Google who seem to come up with new exiting things. And what does that have to do with IE 9? What does that have to do with me thinking it is a good browser?

Innovation: Microsoft's new browser has nothing really that new. They borrowed from the successes of Firefox and Chrome. All the features, all the sleekness, and performance where there in the other browsers. They did not really innovate anything new. OK? At another event I was talking to another tech. He said something also that stuck with me: IE9 is Chrome that works. Why did he say that? Because in the past even if some of us just hated IE, we had to keep it around for all those web sites who basically code to IE, and all the Active X stuff out there.

So while I am pleased with IE 9, I know that it was nothing brilliant on MS part.

Anyway, that is my take. If you have a different point of view, please feel free to leave me a comment.



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