Thursday, May 12, 2011

Running CCleaner Automatically with Windows UAC turned on

Any security that Windows gives me, I welcome even if sometimes it is annoying. Users are constantly annoyed by anything that is designed for security, and I am no different. The one difference is that I know I rather have a secure system at the cost of a little annoyance.

Recently, I wanted to run CCleaner automatically every time I started my computer and logged in. Even though I have admin rights on my computer, I run with UAC turned on to a level that any application that is going to make a change has to go through the UAC and I have to click OK.

The problem was that every time I ran CCleaner with the "run at start up" setting, it would stop and I would have to give my blessings - OK, not a biggie; but like I said above, we get a little annoyed at having to do things like that and soon I got tired of it.

Instead of turning of UAC, what I did was set it in such a way that it still runs automatically out of my sight at start up and I don't get prompted, but still retain the UAC settings that give me a little added protection from rouge software.

Here are the steps you have to take:

1. Configure CCleaner the way you want it to run and make sure you save your settings to the ini file (Not a tutorial on CCleaner here :) )
2. Do not set it to run at start-up in the program itself.
3. Create a Scheduled Event with the following settings. See Screen Shots:

The Key here is to set it to run with highest privaleges.

Select the Edit tag in this Screen to Edit the Trigger.

Make sure you run it at startup, and set a delay-I like 3 minutes

For CCleaner, make sure you have the /Auto Switch in the run command.

I assume that this is might be a good solution for similar problems.


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