Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dell Vostro Reboots instead of Shutdowns

Interesting enough, it never seems to amaze me how much nothing changes. Over the years I have run into enough hair pulling experiences with laptops that can fill at least a small volume. Anyway, in this situation I was on a goal to reinstall Windows 7 Professional on three Dell Vostro laptops. As we know if have been doing this for a while, the OEMs often put an OEM partition on their products. These partitions usually can be removed if you reinstall the OS without using their recovery procedure. I have done this many times.

In this case I installed the OS on all three laptops. When I did the first one, I left the OEM partition because at first I did not think to wipe it. After the OS was installed I went back and deleted it with Diskpart. All was OK but for a small un-formatted partition at the beginning of the drive.

When I did the second two, I thought delete it while installing and you will not have to do it later. Well, I don't know why it happened, and I don't know if it is why it happened, but after I was done I noticed that these two never shutdown no matter what: Shutdown button, power switch, or command. They just restarted automatically.

My solution was more of a gut feeling from dealing with these goofy problems. What I did was download the BIOS utility and re-flashed the BIOS. Now the BIOS was the same rev; but it worked.

Why did I think of re-flashing? It came from so many times, sometimes in the dead of night with failing servers and PCs where magically a BIOS or Firmware update fixed the strangest problems and resurrected dead machines. Might not always work, but it has more often than not.


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Chris said...

Hey, just wanted to say thanks for your post. Our support team was baffled about the exact same issue on a Vostro 1450 and re-flashing the BIOS with the exact same version fixed the problem! The shutdown-turned-restart issue seemed to have started after a serious of Windows Updates... so I'm not sure how it happened but windows updates seem to have put the system in an undesirable state.