Sunday, September 11, 2011

Making a multi-boot USB drive

Making Multi-Boot USB Drives

If all you need is one type of bootable USB distro then the Universal USB installer is perfect to make them with (see my previous post), but I thought it would be cool to make a multi-boot USB drive because I was carrying with me: DBAN, Password Reset, Mem Test, Avira, Gparted, Ubuntu, Knoppix CDs and bootable USB drives.  It would be cool if we could just make a multi-boot USB drive.  The cool thing this is that you can and you can do it easier than you think.  The same site that you download the Universal USB Installer has another utility called YUMI .  With YUMI you have a very big list of choices that you can add to your multi-boot USB drive.

The way you use YUMI is identical as the Universal USB installer, except that what it does is create a multi-boot menu that you can choose the different OS or Utilities that you want to run.  It categorizes them for you.  It also has links to the web sites where you can do and download the ISO or ZIP media to create add to your list of boot selections.  As with the Universal USB Installer the ISO name needs to match the name of the distribution or type of install you are installing.  If you have some odd or different ISO or install, you need to choose “other” – but I did not have any success with that.  It installs, but I could not find where to launch it from.

See screen shot of utility below:

It you go to the web site, you will see screen shots also of what the screen looks like after you boot from it.  I have used it now for a few weeks and have had good success.  It has helped me reduce the number of CDs and USB sticks I carry with me.